Things You Need to Know About Online Reputation Repair

There comes a time when an e-commerce site gets an uptick in negative feedback from its clients. This causes panic because your site receives backlash over something that your clients have experienced. As a result, your online reputation suffers, and with it, a portion of your customers may lose their confidence in your site. There are several steps that your company can take to fix the situation. Your marketing team can conduct an online reputation repair that will bring your page back to your clients’ good graces. It may take some time, but it’s still important to repair your credibility. 

If your company receives negative feedback, you have to do something about it. You also have to be proactive about it and not reactive. You have to work hard to because internet reputation repair isn’t an easy task to pull off. It is doable, but it will take a lot of effort to do it efficiently. In this article, we’ll tackle how your company can repair a damaged online reputation.

Maintain a social media presence 

If you want to repair your online reputation, it would be best to have a strong social media presence. If you have a social media presence, you would have different avenues to have your voice heard. It will also serve as an opportunity to quickly clear up your name because of the reach of these platforms. You have to find out which niche platforms your site is widespread, and you’ll have to focus your efforts there. If you can nip the negative feedback there, it will be much easier to fix the problem. 

Respond to all reviews 

Whether your site gets a positive or a negative review, you have to respond to them. Your clients appreciate having their voices heard, and what better way to engage them and take them seriously than replying to their concerns or platitudes? The simple act of responding to their posts will help raise your engagement with them, and they’ll feel that their input is valued.

When responding to negative reviews, maintain proper decorum. You wouldn’t want to aggravate the situation as it already is. Respond to it respectfully and promise that you’ll look into the matter. It would be best if you worked on it, too. Take all feedback and put it to good use. It’ll help shape your site and keep you relevant and at a great rank on the search engine results page.

Encourage more positive reviews

One way to ensure that your site would continue to enjoy a positive online reputation is to encourage posting more positive reviews. For example, you can ask your clients to mention your page on discussion boards, public forums, and in their social media posts. This will help stem the tide of negative feedback and would create a newer movement of positive reviews. But, again, engage your clients properly, and you can see how much it will affect their perception of your company. 

Use the positive feedback in your marketing strategy

You can turn around and use the positive feedback you’ve received in your marketing strategy. Your team can highlight it on emails or page reviews, and it’ll help change the general public’s perception. You can even use the negative feedback that you responded to and make it another talking point to emphasize your customer-service orientation. 

Continuously monitor your online reputation

Investing in your online reputation is critical to your success, so if negative feedback lurks, you need to take the necessary steps to remove them altogether.  Your team can use various available tracking tools to look at every mention of your business name on the digital platform. You can then respond accordingly to what the situation dictates. 


Repairing online reputation isn’t an easy task, to be honest. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to make people forget any negative perceptions. However, it doesn’t mean it cannot get done. With the proper techniques, your company can once again have a glowing reputation that will entice more clients to the site.  

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